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Adam Jace & Tim Jirgenson - Jace Vs Jirgenson

Author: 3D
Monday, March 2, 2009

When 3D decided to hook up an interview with local producers and Thug Records honchos Adam Jace and Tim Jirgenson we thought we’d pit the two against each other and get them to ask themselves the questions. See the results below…


Firstly, massive props on getting signed to the Ministry of Sound Annual 2009! How did that come about-
Thanks man. At the end of last year Alan Thompson from Defected got in contact with me in regards to some production. He said it’s been a while since he’s been in a studio but was keen to get back into it. MOS got in contact with Alan in regards to a remix. The original tune was by Craig Obey and we decided to completely rewrite the tune and create a main-room house version. In early January Alan rang me and told me the exciting news. It’s definitely a great start to the year.

What else is planned on the production front for ’09-
I’m just really pumped to get back into house music. I’m so sick of that conga minimal techno shit! Simple house music is really dancefloor friendly and chicks can dance to it. I think in ’09 we’ll see a surge in good old fashioned house music and I want to be apart of it.

What can we find in your studio-

Not that much, to be honest with you. I have a good set of monitors along with a mixing desk and keyboard. I use mainly computer-based VSTs these days. I produce with Ableton and use cube to master. VST-wise I use Rob Papen Albino 3.0 and Predator. That’s it pretty much. I think people use too many tools, etc. Some of the best artists and writers in the world use very basic tools to create a masterpiece. Best to stick to using a few VSTs and become confident in using them.

What’s one common element that one will always hear in a Tim Jirgenson tune-
’Tis hard to say, really. When I’m writing a tune I really try not to use the same sounds and elements over and over. I guess you’ll always hear a round and smooth 808 bass line or maybe a good old fashioned techno ride. I also work very hard on my arrangement, adding little fills, working on dynamics and lots of enveloping. Mastering is also key in my production. I spend hours on EQing adding compression and testing on different sound systems to get an idea what the tune is doing.


So Adam, I hear that some of your work has been signed to a few Plastic City compilations- Is this true-
Indeed! I’ve had quite a few singles licensed to some of their compilations that they put out each year. I’ve also been releasing a number of EPs for them including my fourth, titled Sky, which has just come out.

Your sound has really progressed over the last year. How’ve you done this-

I guess influence is a big part of sound progression for me. There’s so much great music being released at the moment that influences my own productions as well as raising the bar for me in my own studio. I think my sound has become a lot more versatile over the past year, which is what I’ve aimed to do.

What’s your number one tool in the studio-
I’d have to say Pro-53 by NI. Out of all the VSTs that I have, I think I’ve gotten the best sounds out of this. I’ve really been focusing a lot of my production work around it the past year and I just love it. I’d also have to mention my TR-8s – they’re awesome monitors and I’ve really tuned in to their frequency response.

2009 looks like being a big year for you. What can we expect-
Well, I’ve got a string of remixes waiting to come out for the first half of ’09, along with a new single on Elevation with remixes from Nacho Marco and local whiz kid Rodskeez. For the rest of the year you’ll definitely see a few more EPs on Thug as well as some productions under a sneaky new alias. Stay tuned!

WHO: Adam Jace & Tim Jirgenson
WHAT: Down South EP (Jace) & Remixes EP (Jirgenson) through Thug Recordings / Play Thug Nights at The Bunker
WHEN: Out now / Saturday 14 March