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Canyons - Basses And Crevasses

Author: 3D
Monday, 16 March 2009

Modular’s most interesting DJing crew, Canyons, take 3D through a day in the life of being, uh, Modular’s most interesting DJing crew… read on, kids.

We had a good long think about the name Canyons and the only thing we could come up with is the pleasant sound offered by a wind through one… are we getting warm or completely off-
We like the sound of the word. Canyons are found above and beneath the ocean – whatever you want to get out of it is good with us, your interpretation works nice.

How did Canyons formulate – was it a) schoolboy friends b) hilarious story c) lighting strike d) tectonic plates rubbing-
Canyons came about as a combination of a and b actually. We were buddies in high school as a result of Ryan being expelled for something hilarious and in turn being sent to my school.

What’s the sort of response when you play in clubs/festivals- Do you normally stick to those powerful sorts of popular beats or your own personal tastes-
Well, if we’re at the right type of club or festival it generally goes over well – depending on what the crowd is up for, I guess. We play the music that we are feeling at the time. We generally don’t like to play what other DJs are playing – it’s kind of the whole point of having different people play, right- So there’s a bit of variation. So no, we don’t play the hits rehashed with bigger kick drums and handclaps on top; everyone’s heard all that before.

If someone said what would you classify your music as, what would you say-
In the past we’ve said pineapple lounge or tropical club music. Not sure that this is completely fitting these days. We’re not big on claiming genres and sub-genres so we’ll just say our music is honest.

What’s on the horizons for Canyons –you’re playing V Festival and dropping a few EPs, right-
Lots of things on the horizon at the moment. Yes, we’ll be at V Fest, come and say hi if you’re there early enough. We’ve got a couple of 12s coming out on various labels in the US and Europe. We’re working on an album also, which we’re excited about. We’re working on a live show, which incorporates elements of a live band and electronics, executed in quite a different way (hopefully). As well as Canyons stuff we also run our label Hole in the Sky which has some real nice material coming up over the next few months courtesy of The Delicate Genius, Scotty Coats, Jacques Renault – so make sure to check them out if you’re into that type of sound.

Favourite question: if you could spoon any DJ/producer/musician, alive or dead, who would it be-

Tough one. Depends on what sort of spoon it is. If it’s a strictly platonic spooning, I think Louis Armstrong would be nice. He could sooth your worries away with that gravely voice. If it’s not strictly platonic then it’s gonna have to be Betty Davis.

WHO: Canyons
WHAT: Plays Pulse Radio Yacht Club: Circo Loco / V Festival, Centennial Parklands
WHEN: Sunday 22 March / Saturday 28
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