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Jesse Rose - A Rose By Any Other Name-

Author: Cyclone
Monday, May 11, 2009

One of our most anticipated tours of 2009, Jesse Rose is heading to Australia for a string of dates with his new artist album. 3D’s Cyclone spoke to the German-based producer.

Jesse Rose was a new name back in 2007 when he embarked on his inaugural Australian tour. Now he’s among the hottest commodities in dance music. The DJ/producer is preparing for his first series of club dates down under.

The easygoing Rose has some idea of what to anticipate. He last played 2008’s Parklife. “The first time I came out, to be honest, it was probably premature because people were still really banging to electro and what I was doing was a bit more housey and a little bit different. I think the crowds found it a little bit too new – they hadn’t been exposed to that sound before.”

It’s been a rapid rise for the former champion BMX rider (Rose keeps that quiet). However, he’s no novice. Rose is tied to the fidget house phenomenon along with Switch, Hervé and Fake Blood, et al, but he’s as much a techno and house cat. At any rate, he doesn’t feel constricted by ‘fidget house’. “I’m lucky that in Europe I get to play quite diverse clubs. So I can play at Cocoon, which is Sven Väth’s club, with Richie Hawtin or Ricardo Villalobos and play very deep, or I can go and do a festival and play ‘big’. I don’t feel boxed into a genre. I don’t know if people in Europe would still consider me as part of that genre [fidget house], even though I was one of the people who created it. I’ve just drifted into my own sound, which is different to anyone else’s.” Being based in Berlin, Rose is remote from the fidget hub of London. He has outsider status.

On his upcoming Australian tour, Rose will be plugging an ‘artist’ album, What Do You Do If You Don’t-, out through Switch’s Dubsided. (“It’s a mouthful, isn’t it-” he quips of the title.) What Do You… sees Rose further develop his “hybrid” of house, techno and electro.

It’s a playful – and very playable – album. Indie band Hot Chip pop up on Forget My Name. “I met Joe Goddard from Hot Chip at a boat party and he was really digging a lot of my singles and the stuff that I’ve been putting out,” Rose recollects, chuffed. “He was like, ‘We should do something.’ I remixed one of their singles from their album, and then they made a track for my album [Day Is Done]. And then they made this track Forget My Name, which is basically a dedication record, or ‘the Jesse’s theme record’, for me – it’s mad to have a record where they’re just singing your name!”

WHO: Jesse Rose
WHAT: Plays The Likes of You at Metro Theatre / What Do You Do If You Don’t- through Dubsided / Hussle / Universal
WHEN: Saturday 16 May / Out now