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Martin Eyerer - On A Pianoroll

Author: 3D
Tuesday, 14 April 2009

3D chats with legendary tech/minimal tech producer Martin Eyerer, coming to Sydney with Lutzenkirchen and Tomcraft for the 5 Years of Great Stuff tour.

Your new track with Robert Babicz is the huge Salsa Roja, which will no doubt be getting its time in the sun amidst countless DJ sets around the world. You’ve collaborated with so many artists in your time, is the Eyerer/Babicz combination something that’s got a bit left in it yet-
Well yes, all my co-operations are with good friends only. It’s not just a meeting in a studio to make business. It’s also about meeting friends you don’t meet that often as every one of you is playing and travelling very much. So from time to time we decide to take three or four days and work together, have a nice time together and exchange creative input. As Robert is a highly respected producer and we are close friends we were talking already for a while to set up a studio session.

Your studio is famed for being very well equipped, as well as a place where a lot of friends spend time jamming and working on new sounds. How long did it take to put together such a capable studio of your own-
In the ’90s when I started producing I had some co-producers and not even my own studio. All I had was my Roland 303, which was the first synth I ever bought. Then later in the years I set up a studio together with two guys but I was more the business guy and not sitting behind the controls. After a few years I was not happy with this situation and I decided to build up my own studio and go deeper into engineering as well. So in the first moment I bought a lot of ‘cheaper’ stuff to start which, was ok for that moment, but the following years I learned more and more about all and started replacing budget equipment with selected high quality gear. I am kind of a gear-head I am always looking for vintage stuff to buy. So after many years I can say I have the studio I dreamed of.

You’ve got a top ten tracks of the moment on your MySpace profile, number one being a mysterious white label by ‘Pianoroll’. Is that something of yours we can expect to see a full release of-
Yes, it’s a collaboration between Benno Blome from Sender Berlin and me. In a way this track is really different. We were sitting in my studio and decided to do something jazzy, so I called my friend and former partner Oliver Lieb, who is a jazz piano player. Benno and I just prepared a bass line and drum and told Oliver to play on it. We intended to edit it all later on and play hi-hats, snares and all the other stuff. But when we were finished with recording after 10 minutes I was so flashed by the mood of it that I suggested we keep it as pure as it is.

DJing throughout the heyday of early ’90s dance music, you must have seen a lot in your time. Is there a particular era or area that you have particularly fond memories of, or are you eagerly awaiting the future-

I think it would be too much to count all the good memories I have. But what I can say generally is that I love travelling to other countries and see how people come globally together with music. Especially Australia – it’s a country I love to go. Last time I did a tour to Ayers Rock and saw also many other amazing things. It’s a fantastic landscape there and I believe Aussies are probably the most friendly people in the world. So I am looking forward to play the 5 Years of Great Stuff tour together with Lutzenkirchen and Tomcraft. I’m sure it’s gonna be blasting.

WHO: Martin Eyerer
WHAT: Plays 5 Years of Great Stuff at Switch at Arthouse
WHEN: Saturday 25 April