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Platform 2 Hip Hop Festival Special

Author: 3D
Monday, March 9, 2009

Taking over CarriageWorks over two very special days, the Platform 2 Hip Hop Festival boasts B-boys, battle crews, graffiti artists and many more representations of just what makes the genre so great. 3D found out more from curator Nick Power.

You curated last year’s Platform 2 Hip Hop Festival, which got a great turnout, what was your highlight from last year’s event-

The whole festival was dope. CarriageWorks is such a great venue. The way the ‘Freak the Technique’ breaking final came together was wicked. The graff from the comp was hung and lit as the set for the final, and the battles were mad heated. Def Wish Cast also rocked a killa set that night.

Did you unearth any major new talents in the workshops or battles-

There’s always young B-boys training hard and coming up with some crazy tricks.  All Consciousness, who are a bit of an all-star crew, took out the Platform 1 title. However, Floor Pirates, a young crew from Canberra, really made them work for it in the final.

And what are your highlights from the upcoming festival program- What’s new-
This year we’re rocking a similar format but we’ve got a few new party tricks up our sleeve.  There’s a massive street art exhibition from May’s Lane Street Art Project. We’re screening Oz hip hop films and we’ve got Granite Rawk of Massive Monkees Crew all the way from Seattle as one of the judges for the Break Comp.

You’re involved in many other projects, aside from curating the Platform 2 Hip Hop Festival, give us a bit of a rundown on what occupies your time...
Well, today I just got back from rehearsing a hip hop theatre show that I’m performing at the festival called Hip Hop Body Rockin’ Doin’ the Do.  It’s me and my mate Blacker Conteh - we rock some mad dance styles, comedy and theatrics. It’s a really fun project and I think it comes through in the show that we love what we do.

Finally, who would you encourage to come on down to CarriageWorks for Platform 2-
Everyone. It’s a social event for Aussie hip hop artists, and a massive party for art and music lovers, dance enthusiasts, or anyone really. It’s all ages and there’s a heap of free stuff too, so it’s worth comin’ down just to check it out.

WHAT: Platform 2 Hip Hop Festival at CarriageWorks
WHO: The Last Kinection, KillaQueenz, Good Buddha, Granite Rawk (Massive Monkees, Seattle), Demolition B*Girl (Demi from SYTYCD), DJ Mathmatics, Metabass Allstars, Morganics, Pepito (national B-Boy champion), Nick Toth, Bravo Child, Scott Burns, Sistanative, Herb, Gabi, Jay Tee, Murda 1, Shime and Chez, Blacker Conteh, B*Boy Rely, Romeo Pop, Tony Tones, Trav Ross and more / Can Control graffiti demo and comp hosted by Shime and Chez
WHEN: Friday 27 March / Saturday 28 March