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Proteus - Dance With The Demon

Author: Rezo
Monday, 6 April 2009

3D’s Rezo speaks to hard dance icon Harri Andersson, AKA DJ Proteus, about the latest Masif Hard Dance Icons CD.

“I got my biggest break when, in 2000 in London, an agent opened things up for me. I had already decided that I was going to pursue music. At first, I started off doing psychedelic stuff, then by the 1990s there was a big movement in the hard dance scene in the UK and early rave in Europe. I had a lot of interest in metal bands and started doing a kind of new style in Finland. This hard dance style didn’t really exist so much, so with my friends, we really created that scene during the 1990s.”

3D is talking to Andersson about the latest Masif Hard Dance Icons compilation, which the Finn mixed. The double-CD collection celebrates the kings and queens of the international hard dance scene and the biggest names (including Proteus himself) feature on the mix. Following on from the well-received first edition mixed by Alex Kidd, Proteus continues the spirit capturing the finest moments from his recent sets around Europe.

“This CD was commissioned by the label boss from Masif, Steve Hill. His label is doing great things and it is very popular in Australia,” Andersson says. “Steve wanted me to pick up some songs that were unique; songs that artists don’t usually have the luxury of playing. So I chose between those tracks. My aim was to look at diverse styles of hard dance music. There are a few of my tunes on there, including a number that have never been released – there is even some hardcore in there for the fans!”

Other than the Masif CD, Andersson is focusing on his work as part of a band with his brother. The project has taken off so much so that he has begun incorporating the band during his performances. “It’s a bit of a cross over,” he says. “It’s like hardstyle with a hard rock flavour. I’ve always wanted to put those two together. The album even features some keyboards and guitar and they can make it into the shows as well. But it is a double-CD so I wanted to give people a bit of an experience that wasn’t too much the same. It is a little rough around the edges and that is the way I like it! All I wanted was to create energy on the mix with a few surprises.”

WHO: Proteus
WHAT: Masif Hard Dance Icons 2 through Masif / Stomp
WHEN: Out now