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SCSI 9 - Music Peripherals

Author: 3D
Monday, 9 March 2009

Russian minimal tech pioneers Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milyutenko – also known as SCSI-9 – are touring Australia this month, playing shows together as well as solo sets from Kubikov. 3D chats with the duo. 

With a name like SCSI-9 you must love computing, right- (And old school computing at that.) Is there some metaphor at work here-
Yes, sort of. I used to have a radio show at that moment and already started producing my first tracks. I wanted to play them but didn’t want to out myself as the author. So I asked some friend for advice and he proposed ‘SCSI-9’, saying that such thing could not exist because you could only have a SCSI chain of seven devices. So I took that one.

It’s well documented that the Russian clubbing scene is one of the best in the world, but how’s the minimal scene specifically- Are there a great deal of DJs/producers working together-

Yes, now there are many. The minimal ‘infection’ got to our side, and is still here despite the fact that in Germany it’s already passed. Many labels still follow that train, but this style (or the name of this style) is not so up to date anymore.

You’ve pioneered the Russian deep minimal sound – which producers were you listening to when you started out, and was it difficult, since you were doing your own thing…-

It’s always tough to do your first steps. Nobody really believed that I would get it to a European release. I was a fan of Studio 1, Basic Channel, Matthew Herbert and the sound of Chicago at that point; it influenced me a lot. 

So tell us about your label, Pro-Tez – what’s coming up, and where can we buy your releases-
Just now we started printing our tenth vinyl, which is called Sputnik 1. You can buy it via Kompakt distribution or digitally on and also directly from our MySpace resource. Along with that we are preparing a mixed compilation of 14 tracks, which will be printed on CD in the USA and in Russia. Stay tuned.

What about SCSI-9 productions – what’s happening there-
After the album was out we slowed down a bit, but there were some recent releases on Highway and Subotnik. We turned more to Pro-Tez, doing remixes, and our families of course.

Tell us what we can expect from a typical – or not-so typical – SCSI-9 set-
Expect cold Russian hands and a hot African heart.

WHAT: Play The Warehouse / Ladylux (DJ Kubikov set)
WHEN: Saturday 21 March / Sunday 22