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Stupid Fresh - Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Author: Nina Bertok
Monday, 2 March 2009

No wonder those UK wobble-funk boys Stupid Fresh love the Aussie shores so much. After being discovered by Hook n Sling when he stumbled upon the duo’s Ho in 2005, the duo have gone on to maintain an Aussie connection and will return this month for a series of shows around the country. 3D’s Nina Bertok spoke with the Brits.

One-half of the DJ duo, Tod Hodge, says bless Australia and thank god for MySpace. “We put some music up on MySpace and Hook N Sling got in touch with us wanting to use one of our tracks, which was really good exposure for us,” he admits. “He definitely helped raise our profile in Australia, it’s one of the first places that became interested in having us do gigs. And the impact that MySpace has had on people like us is really positive. It’s a network that makes it as easy as typing someone’s name in to get in touch with them. It’s so easy to tap into new bands and producers and it’s great to showcase your stuff for free, as we’ve learned. But there’ are some not-so-great things about it like the fact that it really keeps you on your toes and you have to keep up with everyone else. It tests how new and fresh you really are, so there is a lot more competition.”

And Stupid Fresh know all about competing, having hooked up at none other than a DJ competition which lead the duo to combine their talents, as Chris Elliot recalls.

“Tod came over to me to see what I was playing at the time and we started messing around with different beats and the rest is history. We are both self-taught, we listen to the tunes we first started making ages ago and we sound terrible. But it’s worked out really well for us now; in the UK we are getting regular gigs all over the place. We just basically turn the computer on to have a laugh and eventually something will materialise.”

And if that’s good enough for the likes of cutting edge production hotshot Micky Slim, you will dance when Hodge and Elliot release the trio’s collaboration known as The Loose Cannons.

“At the moment we’re doing a project with Micky Slim on an album called The Lose Cannons and we will be called The Dancefloor Disco Kidz,” Hodge explains. “We’re doing an album’s worth of disco-style tunes and we’ve already got quite a few tracks. We’d like to do some live gigs with that at some point but it’s always hard to plan for things when you’re a DJ.”

Either way, Hodge and Elliot confirm that Australia is the main priority right now.

“There are a lot of Australian DJs and producers that we’ve kept in contact with, like Bass Kleph and The Aston Shuffle,” says Hodge. “We seem to have a lot of friends in Perth too, so it will be great to catch up.”

WHO: Stupid Fresh
WHAT: Play The Arthouse
WHEN: Saturday 7 March