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Tycotic - The Dominator

Author: Matt Unicomb
Monday, 23 February 2009

Winning recognition for his Conversation Domination LP and about to embark on a national tour, MC Tycotic is a seriously busy lad. But that’s half the buzz, as he tells 3D’s Matt Unicomb, and he’s not about to slow down now.

First up – though it’s a few months old – congratulations on finishing up with and putting out Conversation Domination. How has the feedback been-
The feedback has been really inspiring, by far the best response to any of my releases so far. Especially the Central Coast area has been extremely supportive of my latest shows and I hear some local JB Hi-Fi stores have had to re-order stock, which I think is dope.

You handled the majority of the production on the record. It consistently crosses over into other genres – why was doing this important to you- Is it the way you’ve always approached hip hop-
I’m a fan of all music and I like to think of myself as a musician and not just an MC or hip hop producer, even though I mostly only listen to hip hop music. I formed a metal/punk/rap/rock band with my brother in primary school and played gigs and recorded tracks with serious future plans. I try to use everything I learnt while playing in bands and experimenting with other musical styles while making hip hop, because only then can you be truly original.

You’re based in the Central Coast, but regularly gig both up north, and down here in Sydney. Aside from the obvious size difference, how does the Central Coast’s hip hop collective differ from that of Sydney’s-
Well I’ve found there are more people that frequent gigs in Sydney, but lately I don’t see everyone out as regularly as about three years ago. Lately I’ve noticed Newcastle has a really strong scene that always seems to have a good vibe. Only lately have I really focused on trying to lock down the Central Coast by booking two dates of my Conversation Domination tour in the area. I’m definitely looking at plenty more shows on the coast this year, especially the REVERB-09 tour, which is gonna be one of the dopest road trip tours to see the East Coast in ages.

You finance all your releases through your label, Asylum Fifty-Seven. Is running a label – especially in your early 20s - as difficult as it seems- What’s on the horizon for the crew-
Yes, it’s definitely as difficult, or more so – there’s only so much I can do at once. Conversation Domination saw me team up with Unda K9 Records through MGM Distribution. It’s hard for me to get focused and get really involved with more than one release at a time, as I tend to breathe a project until it’s finished. I hope to help complete a lot of material from other Asylum Fifty Seven artists and really push the fam this year.

You’ve built up a close musical relationship with a few Sydney MCs – notably Nick Knowledge, the Nurcha Records crew, and DJ D*Phy, who handled some of the cuts on Conversation Domination. Are we going to see any collaboration with Sydney artists in the future-
Yeah, I’m really glad I took the time when I was just entering the Sydney hip hop scene to meet other MCs and follow up on collaborations. Both Nick Knowledge and DJ D*phy collaborated with me for the first time on The People vs Tycotic, along with a huge list of artists like Torcha, Phrase, Spit Syndicate and Herb. I even worked for the first time with a couple of now established Asylum Fifty-Seven artists like Xrsize, Fowl Mouth and Rorks Drift. Plus appearances by my already Asylum fam Dirt-E-Kent, Smokey Desperado and the Azyodiks. I’m always down to collab with artists, but lately it’s just hard to find the time, but there will definitely be more collaborations coming.

WHO: Tycotic
WHAT: Conversation Domination through Asylum Fifty-Seven/MGM / Plays the Empire / Woodport Inn, Central Coast / Waves, Wollongong / Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle / Sawtell RSL, Coffs Harbour / Post Office Hotel, Grafton / Lakeview Hotel, Merimbula / Cessnock Supporters Club, Cessnock
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