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America's Club Crackdown Will Boost Clubbing Credibility, Pete Tong Predicts

Author: Skrufff
Saturday, August 25, 2001
DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) attempts to use crack-house laws against US clubs will boost dance culture's underground status and could see the club scene becoming more politically conscious, Britain's most influential DJ Pete Tong said last week, in his latest column in Mix Mag.

"The big debate in the US right now is whether the authorities' drive to shut clubs- as seen at Twilo- will derail the huge growth in the scene or only help to establish it," the Radio 1 veteran DJ revealed. "Personally, I think it will make the club scene look subversive and underground and feed its importance against 'the system'. Whatever the case, the developments this year will have a massive effect on our home-grown DJs and producers."

His comments followed the recent cancellation of several high profile events in the States including two Creamfields raves and the Ju Ju Festival, which had been expected to draw 50,000 to the LA desert.

Jonty Adderley