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Britons Are the World's Biggest Love Rats

Author: Skrufff
Sunday, June 17, 2001
A third of British men and 28% of British women are in relationships with partners they've 'poached' making Britons the world's worst love thieves, a new survey from the University of Austen (Texas) revealed this week. Only 17% of American men were in similar relationships, researchers discovered, apparently because of an 'unwritten code not to break up existing relationships or woo other men's wives."

The Texas survey coincided with a British poll of 5000 working women that discovered that two thirds are seeking more sex, with just 16% rating their sex life as 'fantastic'. 77% of the working women also admitted flirting at work, which may or may not be related to the fact that 50% admitted they were still waiting for their ultimate sex experiences of their dreams.

Dr Schmitt, who carried out the Texas fidelity tests was unimpressed by the individuals doing the stealing. "They might look good but they tend to be mean and amoral," Dr Schmitt told the Sunday Times. "Maybe you are getting what you deserve."
Jonty Adderley