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Chris Cowie- Partying With the Punters for Dec 31

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, December 29, 2001
"For the first time in years I am not playing anywhere, which is not particularly inspiring, I know. I must have no talent now!"

Despite being one of the most prolific and accomplished techno and house producers in the world, Scotsman Chris Cowie, remains an enigma, hugely rated by producers and DJs alike, though still largely unknown to the typical clubber-on-the-dancefloor. Which is probably just as well, since on December 31st, he'll be venturing out just like anyone else.

"I will be up in Aberdeen just being a punter, which will make a nice change," he told Skrufff's Jonty Adderley this week.

Skrufff: Have you ever been stuck at home on your own on December 31st-

Chris Cowie: "Yes...and it's not funny, it's extremely miserable. You have to be really skint (broke/ without money) to appreciate it."

Skrufff: You're a Scotsman living in London; Who do you think is going to win the World Cup (soccer) in 2002-

Chris Cowie: "Being from Scotland, I would have definitely gone to Japan if they'd qualified. I was at the last World Cup (1998) and remember how inspiring it was, marching down a road in Bordeaux with another 15,000 kilt wearing ginger haired Scotsmen. I actually think that England are in with a very good chance this time. I want you guys to win, but not if I have to hear about it for the next 1000 years. I will certainly be cheering on Becks and crew." (ie David Beckham)

Skrufff: Do you expect to fly less next year-

Chris Cowie: "As a confirmed scared flyer I have gotten over it recently and I actually flew to Australia on September the 12th. If that had happened last year (ie 911) you couldn't have paid me a million quid to get on a plane."

Skrufff: Will you be going to the Miami Winter Music Conference in March-

Chris Cowie: "No, there's way too much back slapping and I don't like business events- They're crap."

Chris Cowie's house and techno compilation Best Behaviour (featuring tracks under his alter egos X Cabs, Vegas Soul and more) is still available on independent label Bellboy Records and is highly recommended.