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Clubbing & Growing Old Gracefully- Mick Jagger Advises

Author: Jonty Adderley
Sunday, November 25, 2001
Mature clubbers can continue raving as long as they like, Mick Jagger suggested this week, as long as they're careful which clubs they frequent.

"I go to clubs where there's a wide age group," the Rolling Stones singer told the Big Issue. "I don't go out to crash a teenage club because I don't think that's really appropriate. I might, by mistake, go into one, but I'd only stay a minute before thinking, this is not for me."

While the 58 year old rock star was unashamed about his continuing enthusiasm for clubbing, 30 something D*Note producer Matt Winn was this week starting promotion on his latest clubbing related film The Last Weekend, a short movie set in Ibiza, about two men discovering they're the "oldest clubbers on the block."

"It's quite interesting in dance music that some of the people who started things off are approaching their mid 40s now," Winn told DJ magazine this week.

"But they're still out there doing their thing and at the same time there are 16 and 17 year olds going to clubs for the first time. The question it's asking is: What has Pete Tong got to say to 16 year olds-

Mick Jagger's new solo album Goddess In The Doorway, is out now on Virgin Records.

[Photo (C) Albert Sanchez - Virgin]