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Corporate Entertainers Buy New York's Limelight

Author: Skrufff
Sunday, August 19, 2001
Manhattan superclub Limelight has been purchased by a company planning to use the 6th Avenue nightspot as a 'theatre, upscale disco and site for corporate parties' The New York Times reported this week. Flatiron Entertainment LLC bought the former church for US$3.2million at a bankruptcy auction from legendary club promoter Peter Gatien, who owes over $2.5million in back rent and taxes. His other Manhattan venue the Tunnel was also offered for sale, though will now be sold on Tuesday (21st August), the Times added.

The end of Limelight as a serious dance club came as Democrat Mayoral Candidate Mark Green announced he'll be supportive towards New York nightlife if he gets elected.

'The Mayor shouldn't view nightlife as an enemy,' a letter from his Issues Director Shla Olatoye suggested.

"No club owners should have to fear calling an ambulance or the police. They (nightclubs and bars) are an integral part of the City's culture and an important tourist draw. Mark will work with these business owners to protect patrons and make the city a safer place." His pro-club stance contrasted sharply with that of incumbent Mayor Rudolph Guiliani and his deputy Rudy Washington who've actively campaigned for years to destroy the city's club scene. Washington recently described New York clubs as being 'little buckets of blood' and openly boasted of 'paralyzing' them.

Additional reporting by Susan Cistone (NYC) (Save New York's Nightlife Campaign)