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Daft Punk Set To Unveil new Album & Single

Author: EMI
Wednesday, October 3, 2001
Daft Punk bring you the definitive live experience!

Cast your mind back: it's 1997 and electro dancemeisters Daft Punk are giving their debut and much-appreciated album, Homework, the full-on live experience!

And now one night of the Daftendirektour is the subject of a new live album from Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo. Entitled Alive 1997, it's out on October 29(and will be deleted on 31st December 2001, so act sharpish!).

The tour saw the pair spending three months on the road, lugging around 4 tons of equipment (ably assisted by a team of 20) and clocking up over 40 dates in Europe as well as a couple in LA and New York. Now in true off the wall style, Daft Punk chose erm, Birmingham as the night they wish to share with their fans on this new CD.

It all started when Daft Punk happened upon a live recording from that Birmingham gig. After listening to the tracks they felt that this was possibly their best live gig of the tour which they wanted to share with their fans, since it featured 45 minutes of non-stop mixing and their trademark techno-electronic flourishes. Outstanding. "Alive 1997" includes 4 on the floor workouts of the club classics "Around The World" and "Da Funk".

The boys will also be releasing a brand new single from the acclaimed "Discovery" album on November 5. It's the club favourite "HARDER, BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER" and it comes with hot new remixes by Pete Heller and U.S. remixers-of-the-moment The Neptunes.