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Elite British Students Named & Shamed

Author: Jonty Adderley
Monday, November 19, 2001
Top Toff students at Cambridge University's St John's College have been "named and shamed" following more incidents of drunken undergraduate behaviour at the elite British university.

The trouble happened when Sirens, an all female drinking crew, met the Muff Divers, a male brotherhood renowned for stripping naked and putting their underpants on their heads. According to the Daily Telegraph, a food fight between the two groups got out of hand culminating in some young ladies relieving themselves on the street.

Miss LM Criddle, Miss S J Kitson and Miss LR Gratton were publicly told of off for being "incapable through drink" though were defended by student leader Liz Prochaska. "If you go into town on a Friday night you will see lots of blokes urinating against walls. Why should it make a difference whether they are blokes or girls or whether it is a college wall-" Quite.

Also named and shamed were Miss J Le Geyt and Miss C Fiddler who were held responsible for the food fight. Mr T Jablonski and Mr W Palmer were the only males named in the incident and were forced to clean to college toilets for a week. (St John's College, Cambridge, founded in 1511)