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Energy Drinks Cause British Smiles

Author: Skrufff
Friday, October 12, 2001
Disturbing new research published in the Daily Mail this week suggests that energy drinks such as Red Bull may rot drinkers' teeth. And ominously for Red Bull fans, the hugely popular rave drink came out worst when compared to 95 other soft drinks.

The new study, carried out by dentists and researchers from Dundee University, studied the acidity of the soft drinks and found that while Red Bull was the worst,
Coca Cola came in the middle of the range. According to the Mail, many Britons remain unaware that acids often found in the energy drinks strip away enamel on teeth. In addition, those exercising (or dancing) face even greater risks since dry mouths exacerbate the acid effects. Dentists suggested the safest drink is 'probably' water.

Jonty Adderley