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Es Paradis 2001: 'Euphoric' Introduces Live Acts to San Antonio

Author: Mazzmusic
Monday, April 2, 2001
The Warp Brothers, Dario G and Lost Witness are among live acts appearing
At Es Paradis, Ibiza this summer at a new Wednesday night event called Euphoric. "We want Es Paradis to be different this year," said Marco Giovanni, the club's new musical director. "When I started putting together Euphoric I didn't even try to book the obvious DJs rather I'm trying to bring through a whole new breed of characters, particularly associated with the trance scene over the last few years. When clubbers come to Ibiza they are, by definition, up for it."

DJs confirmed to appear at Euphoric include Sister Bliss, Matt Darey (playing his first ever Ibiza dates) and Dutch trancemeisters DJ Jean, Rank One and DJ Alici. "People seem to forget that there are so many clubbers here from places like Holland and Germany," Marco continued. "We just thought there's a whole world of talent out there aside from just UK DJs. No disrespect to anyone but there are so many good international DJs and I want to give people something they haven't seen before, rather than the same 25 DJs that everybody else has booked."

Euphoric's music policy will be actively avoiding the 'progressive trance' currently favoured by so many celebrity British DJs, owing to the genre 'not going anywhere' in Marco's view. "People that like euphoric or uplifting house, or whatever you want to call it, are more likely to enjoy a night like this than one where they're bored off their pants all night," he promised. "People come to Ibiza for fun and that's exactly what I'm offering; a good time in the most beautiful club on the island."

UK garage champions Twice As Nice return to Es Paradis this year to follow up their hugely successful debut season in 2000, while Sundays become Ascension, a new "very sexy night" featuring all female DJ lineups. The club is also opening Cafe Paradis this year, which will be a cafe/bar area right next to the club's main entrance. offering music, DJs and 'alternative type' entertainments.

Euphoric will also be staging their Wednesday night warm-up parties at the Mezzanine Bar, Ibiza, on San Antonio's famed sunset strip. Check out Marco's superb new hard trance anthem Space (recorded under the name Lavidium) on mezzmusic now.
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