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Fatboy Slim's Death Is Greatly Exaggerated

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, October 19, 2001
Norman Cook has denied a report that appeared in last week's London's Evening Standard, which suggested that he was about to wind down his DJing career to concentrate on producing. "Some people are going to look very stupid," Cook said in a press release issued by his label Skint this week. "I have no plans to retire. You're going to have to kill me first."

In more Fatboy Slim news, Q writer Adam Reeves revealed that he first met the superstar DJ in 1985, when the then 22 year old Cook was working as a scoutmaster at a summer camp.

'We really loved him and looked up to him because he was so funny and charming and so good with kids," Reeves recalled. "I built an earthern oven with him and we baked some scones* on it- a very chilled out afternoon.' 12 months later, Cook joined the Housemartins; the rest is (musical) history.

* Scones are traditional English doughy cakes (pronounced scons)

Fatboy Slim Upcoming DJ Dates:
26 October: Clubland @ Pacha, Buenos Aires, Argentina
27 October: Free Jazz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
28 October: Free Jazz, Sao Paulo, Brazil
31 October: Free Jazz, Mexico City, Mexico
10 November: Type, The Cross, London, UK
30 November: Electraglide, Tokyo, Japan
1 December: Electraglide, Osaka, Japan
3 December: Quattro, Hiroshima, Japan
5 December: Typhoon, Shanghai, China
7 December: Fort Green, Singapore
8 December: HITEC Hall ABC, Hong Kong