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Gatecrasher Death Crash Girl Jailed For 2 Years

Author: Skrufff
Saturday, June 23, 2001
A 20 year old clubber who killed four people in a car crash after falling asleep at the wheel as she left last year's Gatecrasher festival, was jailed for two and a half years this week. Charlotte Frankham admitted sleeping for just 4 hours out of the previous 42 and taking one ecstasy tablet at the rave, prior to the accident. The accident happened when she lost control of her Ford Ka, veering into oncoming traffic and hitting a Toyota Landcruiser, which itself then collided with a Volkswagen Polo. All four passengers in the Polo, who were also on their way home from Gatecrasher, were killed. Even more tragically, two of the victims had been picked up shortly before the accident as they left on foot, being friends of one of the other two people inside the death vehicle.

While the court accepted that the effects of the ecstasy pill Ms Frankham had taken would have worn off by the time of the accident, they were nevertheless unsympathetic.
"Maybe you didn't start the journey fully accepting the risk you were running and this might have been a result of youthful inexperience," Mr Justice Leveson said. "You caused the deaths of four young people who doubtless had hopes and aspirations for the future, as you did. You have devastated the family and loved ones of each of those four people and you have devastated your own life and that of your family."

"Charlotte's life is in tatters, I have no idea how she'll cope in jail. I don't think she will," her landlord and friend Lisa Moore told the Telegraph. "She doesn't deserve two and a half years. She was a straight Grade A student and she's never been in trouble with the law. She is not a criminal and jail is not the place for her."
Jonty Adderley