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Gay Hip Hop, Hearing Aids DJs, Ministry's Chillout Trip, DJ Mag Challenges Ministry's Credibility

Author: Skrufff
Monday, September 3, 2001
'I am definitely not the only gay rapper in the industry. But I am keeping it real. Because real ain't frontin' like you are straight when you are gay.'

New York rapper Caushun, creator of 'the world's first-ever gay rap album' Proceed With Caushun, challenges hip hop's heterosexual orthodoxy (The Guardian)

'Being practical enough to look after your hearing isn't an image they want to portray; 'Hey kids, let's keep that volume down'. Having said that, most people don't want to be walking around at 45 with a couple of hearing aids. I promise you, most of the big-name DJs use hearing protection but won't tell anyone.'

Matt Winterton from hearing protection company Advanced Communications
Systems on the cumulative effects of hearing damage. (NME)

'Genius is an over-used plaudit today, but with Wetherall and the Scream in particular, it's completely appropriate. Look no further than 'Don't Fight It, Feel It'. He's transformed a whimsical indie album filler into a classic just by virtue of THAT intro. Genius.'
Former Farm manager turned author Kevin Sampson acknowledges Andy Weatherall's contribution to Primal Scream's groundbreaking rock/dance hybrid album Screamdelica, which first came out ten years ago in 1991 (7 magazine)

'Unlike the Creams and Godskitchens of the world, the Ministry Of Sound club does not have a large army of dedicated followers who will dress up and make the effort, week in week out.'

DJ Magazine blames the recent failure of Ministry Of Sound's Knebworth festival on the clubbing conglomerate's inability to attract serious clubbers. (DJ Magazine)

Jonty Adderley