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Latex Loving Frank Sinatra Producer Prepares For Her First Album

Author: Skrufff
Monday, October 8, 2001
Miss Kitten, the singer behind the Italian porn house classic Frank Sinatra,
is set to release her debut album with long term partner Michel Amato (aka The Hacker), on DJ Hell's label International DJ Gigolos. The debut long player, First Album, is an 80s tinged electro disco mashup that musically fits alongside Felix and tekno punk poser Green Velvet. Miss Kitten (real name Caroline), started out working as a podium dancer in a club in her home town of Grenoble, where she met The Hacker (who was then simply a raver).Her ice cool voice also appears on Felix Da Housecat's recent Ibiza smash Silver Screen (Shower Scene).

The new album also includes two versions of their breakthrough record Frank Sinatra, which first appeared in 1997. The track will be best recalled from its uncompromising chorus line of 'Motherfuckers are so nice. Suck my dick! Lick my Ass! In the mix, we have sex, every night with my famous friends.' First Album is out late October when the duo are expected to perform a series of live shows around Europe. Miss Kitten is already well known for her flamboyant concerts, where she usually performs in a rubber nurse's outfit.

Jonty Adderley