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London's Best Free Rave: Legalise Cannabis Festival- May 5th

Author: Skruff
Sunday, April 22, 2001
Brixton's forthcoming Cannabis Festival looks like being the biggest pro-cannabis demo London's ever seen, following recent announcements by cops that people caught in possession in Brixton will face 'formal warnings' rather than prosecution. "Brixton is known as a place to buy drugs, but if we move to this policy of formal warnings the message will be that you may be able to come and buy- but you might not be able to leave with your purchase," said Borough police chief Commander Paddick (the Guardian). The move, intended to allow cops to concentrate on rising levels of crack cocaine dealing should see even more demonstrators flocking to Brixton for the Saturday afternoon event in Brockwell Park.

Alabama 3 headline, supported by large numbers of sound systems, many from London's legendary free party scene, which still attracts thousands each weekend to squatted warehouses in London's poorer areas. Unlike previous years, the event is also likely to attract heavy mainstream media coverage, following recent calls from newspapers including the Daily Telegraph and the Standard to consider legalising cannabis. As Commander Paddick pointed out when justifying his newly tolerant strategy; "I've never met anyone who had to commit crime to fund a cannabis habit, but crack cocaine users commit robbery, burglary and car crime." Party Drugs Group) cannabis political party) - press releases,contacts, research information.