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MTV Cries Foul as Ibiza Draws The Line

Author: Skrufff
Friday, September 7, 2001
MTV Europe have threatened to pull out of Ibiza next year following opposition from locals who blocked the TV company from holding a 10,000 capacity rave at the island's racetrack in San Rafael. According to this week's Guardian Online, MTV boss Gemma Newland was unhappy about having to relocate to Privilege (the home of Manumission) and said in future they could 'easily move the show to another island'. Her threat followed obstructions from locals including San Antonio's mayor, who apparently demanded a £22,000 donation to the local church, before agreeing access to the track.

MTV's reappraisal of Ibiza's usefulness coincided with a report in British trade journal Music Week, which looked at the ever-increasing corporate saturation of the island's club scene.

'This summer, brands such as Orange (mobile phones), Pringles (upmarket chips), Durex (condoms), Strongbow (cider), BT Genie (mobile phones), Bacardi (rum) and Camel (cigarettes) have all spent vast amounts of money forging partnerships with leading club names, in an attempt to gain credibility among the coolest and most influential music audience in the world," said Ben Turner (formerly of text messaging specialists Worldpop).

Music Week went on suggest that the companies' presence posed no danger to 'the positive vibes of club paradise', though the actions of locals in thwarting MTV's plans suggests the island may have finally reached its (corporate) limit. According to the Guardian, even Radio 1's recent weekend long road show event upset locals, because of 'louts going over there and being abusive'.

Jonty Adderley