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Manumission Dismiss London's 'Ibiza-Style Drunken Yob' Culture

Author: Skruff
Saturday, March 17, 2001
Manumission Dismiss London's 'Ibiza-Style Drunken Yob' Culture
Andy Manumission has ridiculed suggestions that London's growing problem of alcohol related violence is 'like Ibiza', telling Mezz this week, "at least women can walk the streets of Ibiza alone without fear." His outburst followed a report in last week's Standard, in which council leaders announced a 'West End War on 'Ibiza-Style- Drunken Yobs' involving a 40 strong team of specialist cops.

"There is a laddish attitude where men and women of all ages come from all over London to get drunk very quickly and cause trouble in the West End," said Council leader Simon Milton. "From alcohol abuse stems antisocial behaviour. Last week five women were caught on camera peeing (urinating) in the street. People talk about how nice it is for London to be like other European cities where one can drink late at night. But the West End is more like Ibiza than it is Barcelona."

"San Antonio's West End was named after it's counterpart in London" Andy Manumission conceded. "And some UK customers in this area unfortunately behave in the manner they are used to doing in the UK. But this behaviour is limited to a few streets in San Antonio town (can London say the same-) This is not a London problem it's a UK problem. As my Spanish friends say, ¨Why is it that everything bad comes out of England: BSE (mad cow disease), foot and mouth disease and lager louts- The press should STOP giving Ibiza a bad name. The buck can not be passed." Privilege Space (open from Sunday June 3rd) (Pacha, also shortly opening at the old RAW club, Tottenham Court Road, London)