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Maria Rubia: "I'm an entertainer NOT a Pop star" (interview)

Author: Mazzmusic
Monday, April 2, 2001
"I've been a model, done presenting, films, theatre, Shakespeare- you name it, I've done it. That means I'm an entertainer." Hot on the heels of her recent massive chart success with Fragma Maria Rubia has hooked up with Eternal label First Avenue and Pete Tong and Eddie Gordon's Neo to launch her own chart career. However, the blonde 'Marilyn Monroe lookalike" (according to Neo's press release) is a huge admirer of Robbie Williams and appears to have her heart set on emulating him. Say It, her debut single is in a typical pop/dance/trance direction, with slightly more club friendly mixes provided by Rob Searle.

Mezz: You seemed to find instant success when you hooked up with Fragma, how was the whole experience-
Maria Rubia: "Great, fantastic! I cried with emotion when we went top 3, because I was so happy - I was so overwhelmed I cried. I appreciated everything that I did with them, whether it was appearances I was making or people I was meeting. Every Sunday I was listening the top 40 and for weeks us and Rui Da Silva were in the top 5; it was mad."

Mezz: Positiva did the same thing last year, hooking up Sophie Ellis Bextor with Spiller, did she enter your equation at all-
Maria Rubia: "Not at all, that was totally separate, I'm not like her at all."

Mezz: Your biog describes you as an entertainer, 'not just a pop star', what's the difference between the two roles-
Maria Rubia: "A lot, because I've done a wide range of things. I'm like a forward-slash person - I've been a model, done presenting, films, theatre, Shakespeare- you name it, I've done it. That means I'm an entertainer - I can do theatre and be a character speaking with a Manchester accent or I can go on TV and be Maria Rubia. Or I can go and present for charity and do a documentary for Channel 4 and be a bit of a journalist on the side, as well, doing research if I want. That's what I mean by being an entertainer, I can entertain hopefully everyone from all ages."

Mezz: What is it you admire about Robbie Williams-
Maria Rubia: "He got lots of abuse at the beginning when he was in Take That and now just look at him. I admire his stamina and determination and he has a great relationship with his producer which I also have with mine and that is so important. Because I write all my own stuff."

Mezz: Are you a big clubber-
Maria Rubia: "I am a bit! (giggling). I've lived abroad and clubs are your second home abroad. My Mum and dad lived in Marbella (Spain) and it was great."

Mezz: Have you spent much time in Ibiza-
Maria Rubia: "Yes, it's lots of fun. That's where you go with your friends not your parents. We stayed in San Antonio last time because my parents have a small villa there. Ten of us went last year, we did the club rounds and the beaches and restaurants - I like eating lots of different types of foods because I don't drink alcohol. I don't smoke or nothing, I'm just on a natural high. I dance all night naturally and everyone thinks I'm 'off my face' (high) but I'm not. I just drink orange juice all night (giggling again)."

Mezz: Was that due to an active decision to avoid stimulants-
Maria Rubia: "Absolutely! Because it's dangerous, you could take something and it could kill you. So you've got to be very careful."

Mezz: Which clubs do you go to in London-
Maria Rubia: "I like Home, Fabric, er, G.A.Y., a bit of a mixture."

Mezz: Have you ever had your heart broken-
Maria Rubia: "Yeah, I've been two-timed in the past - by an Italian. I found him in bed with someone else. I'd only been seeing him for a week so I was like 'thank you, goodbye'. We weren't even sleeping together anyway, so that showed what level he was at. I'm just the kiss and hold hands type of person. I'm single right now and I'm very happy to be single. I'm living it up, to be honest. There's someone I do like who's in the (music) industry who's male, obviously (giggling again