TF Archives Head Office Shuts Down

Author: Skruff
Friday, June 1, 2001
Following the resignation of Managing Director Andreas Georgiou this week, Mezzmusic's London headquarters in Fulham Road have been closed. "The Mezzmusic office is now officially shut, though the website will continue running for as long as possible", Georgiou confirmed this week. "It's a terrible shame after all the work the team have put into building the site, but I'm optimistic that once we've resolved certain outstanding issues, we'll be back in some shape or form."

"I'm proud of what we've achieved over the last 12 months with Mezzmusic, and I hope something positive emerges from all of our efforts," he continued. "I'd particularly like to thank the whole Mezz team; ie Jonty Adderley, Ali Jobe, Warwick Leicester, Tara Hill and John Bishop, for their enthusiasm, commitment and relentless hard work."
Check back onto Mezzmusic next week for more news on everybody's next moves.
Jonty Adderley
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