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Ministry Of Errors Prompts Legal U Turn

Author: Skrufff
Monday, October 8, 2001
Ministry Of Sound were forced to issue an embarrassing retraction this week, after launching a legal action against the world's smallest club, the Miniscule Of Sound. The puppet show sized portable club has been a fixture at UK festivals for over 4 years, though holds no more than10 people, even when absolutely rammed. The Ministry legal action, a Cease and Desist Order for copyright infringement, followed the clubbing conglomerate's recent £24million link up with venture capitalists 3i (valuing MoS at £120million/US$170m).

'It's put a hold on our intended merchandising line in knickers (underwear), bobbysocks and tea-towels," a spokesperson from Miniscule told the Big Issue. Ministry later withdrew their action, a spokesperson blaming it on 'confusion', She added; 'We love Miniscule.'

In more Ministry news, the British clubbing conglomerate's internet radio station is temporarily broadcasting across London's airwaves this month (October) featuring all their regular star DJs. Tune your radio to 87.7fm if you're in nthe Greater London area to catch their highly rated dance channel.

Jonty Adderley