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Ministry of Sound buys part of Ansett Fleet for new entertainment venture.

Author: Ministry of Sound
Monday, November 26, 2001
LONDON: The worlds biggest dance music brand, Ministry of Sound, owned by ex-city banker James Palumbo has embarked on a unique acquisition trail here in Australia.

The entertainment company that already owns a record label, a nightclub, travel company and produces its own magazine and radio station is looking at buying four of the now redundant planes from Ansett the failed Australian airline and launching Air Ministry with a unique marketing tagline 'We cruise a little higher!'

Ministry of Sound plan on turning the planes into flying nightclubs, which will take partygoers between Australian cities where they then party on in that city before boarding the plane, back to their home city. The planes will undergo an extensive refit with DJ decks being installed where the old business class seats were located. Two of Australia's leading DJ's Mark Dynamix and Andy Van of Madison Avenue fame have been contracted to 'captain' the ship and keep the passengers entertained during their flight. Each plane will have a purpose built sound and light system installed to give the plane the true nightclub experience. Cabin crew who are being employed from the old Ansett staff serve club style drinks, vodka jello shots and Chuppa Chupp lollies.

Richard Mergler, Commercial Brand Director for Ministry of Sound in Australia said, 'This is a very exciting project and is a world first. We have been planning Air Ministry for a while in Europe and the Ansett situation was too good an opportunity to miss with planes and trained staff easily available. We plan to launch this new service across Europe next year and we are using Australia as a test market to perfect the concept. The planes being used here in Australia will be flown to Europe
in time for the next northern summer.' Mergler added, ' Australians love to party and we have surveyed our extensive database here and have had a fantastic response with people trying to book flights before we even have the planes ready.'

The first plane should be ready for the inaugural party flight in time for the Australia Day celebrations where there are huge dance parties planned all over Australia.