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Moby & the CIA, Arthur Baker's Golden Rule, Eminem's Cheeky Chat, Boy George Really Wanted to Hurt Everybody, John 00 Fleming Fingers Australia's Gold Coast

Author: Skrufff
Thursday, September 20, 2001
'Forgive my anger at this...but imagine that you are Bruce Willis' bodyguard. Now imagine that you are paid remarkably well to keep Bruce Willis from being hurt. Now imagine that while you're on the job Bruce Willis gets beaten up and very badly hurt. Isn't this analogous to the role of the FBI and the CIA and the military at this time- These organizations exist solely to protect us from this sort of atrocity. Very simply, they have failed us.'

Moby, writing on his own personal website (Tuesday 11th)

'I've never made a great dance record that wasn't a direct result of being in a club the night before. Never. When you make a dance record the objective is clear- you really can't take it too seriously.'
New Order veteran producer Arthur Baker (who did Confusion as well as Freeze's I.O.U. and 'Walking On Sunshine') suggests that always going out clubbing is the true mother of invention (7 magazine)

'Look what Marilyn Manson gave me. Let's hope it's good, or one of you ladies isn't going to be coming home with me tonight.'
Eminem refines his ecstasy, pill popping performance at last month's Reading Festival.

'You can make people almost suicidal with singing and with DJing you haven't got that freedom, you have to keep things on more of a high. But they're quite similar because with both you're looking for approval from the public, which is a precarious situation.'

Boy George suggests he's still a 'much better singer than DJ' (DJ Magazine)


'They're so strict and if they spot your record box you're done for. Once, they swabbed my records for drugs and found traces of cocaine on some of the sleeves. I don't even do drugs. But I had a huge argument and they finally let me go.'

John '00' Fleming reveals that Brisbane (Australia) has the world's harshest customs officials (Muzik)

Jonty Adderley