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Muzik Sounds Better Without Club Listings

Author: Jonty Adderely
Monday, November 19, 2001
Muzik magazine are dropping club listings and articles about "|ifestyle issues relating to dance", in a re-branding exercise intended to appeal to older audiences, new Muzik editor Conor McNicholas said this week.

"I want to give dance music publishing a shake-up by going back to basics," McNicholas told Music Week. "Consumers respond to innovation and get excited by new products and what it says about them when they buy them."

His decision to go "back to basics" is surprising since Muzik has never previously achieved circulation figures over 50,000, despite being critically acclaimed and heavily marketed in its early years. Rival publication Mix Mag these days sells over 100,000 copies a month, while Ministry magazine (which didn't even exist in 1996) tops 90,000. IPC chief Robert Tame, however, sounded confident about the new plans.

"Two thirds of our readers probably want to DJ so more (music) reviews will help them choose what music to play," he said. "While more features will aim at a slightly older audience, such as those who prefer to spend a night in the preclub bars where DJs appear." (Music Week's site)