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Orb's #1 Fan-

Author: Skruff
Friday, January 19, 2001
The Orb's Alex Patterson recently passed through Atlanta as he DJed on Juno Reactor's America tour and found himself targeted by a shop security guard who checked his bag for stolen goods, asking, 'You're not from round here, are you-' "I explained where I was from and that I was DJing up the road and he said 'Who are you-'", Patterson told DJ mag. "I said my name's Alex Patterson and he went 'not the-..' So I was all embarrassed, going, 'er, er, yeah..' so he goes, 'check this out' and rolled up his trouser leg to reveal a 'Pomme Fritz' tattoo.". .
The Orb's much anticipated new album Cydonia is out on |sland on February 12th. Once More, the first single comes out on January 29th. (music, downloads and vinyl to buy from March 1st)