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Rave Pioneers Sunscreem Return

Author: Skrufff
Friday, October 12, 2001
Pop trance British duo Sunscreem, once known as 'the first live band playing rave music' (Guinness Book Of Techno), look set for a renewed high profile with the release of their new album Ten Mile High, which comes out on Monday on Big Fish Records. Their new single Please Save Me (a joint production with Belgium trance maestro Push) also appears on the soundtrack to hotly tipped clubbing film SW9, which also opens in the UK this week.

The band was formed off the back of Britain's first acid house revolution of the late 80s and snapped up a deal with Sony after playing just 5 gigs. By 1996, though, they found themselves without a record deal, and a completed though unreleased album. Hooking up with a techie minded fan who'd kindly built them their own site, they went on to sell the record directly over the net, in the process selling thousands which enabled them to return to the studio to continue producing.

Ten Miles High consists of recent remixes and white label tunes they've pressed up over the last two years including Change, Matt Darey's Catch and Push's version of Who Will Save Me Now. Check out to hear and buy the new album directly.

Jonty Adderley