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Author: Edwina Tarrant
Sunday, September 2, 2001
It is with regret that Hardware wish to advise that The Advent's Australian tour has been officially cancelled.

This cancellation occurred mainly due to the last minute efforts of The Advents management to raise the price of the tour as the artist was about to board the plane. Like any promoter, Hardware will not be held to ransom and refuses to do business under these circumstances. This is the second and last time this artist has withdrawn from his Australian tour in the final hour.

Unfortunately, Hardware will no longer tour or represent The Advent in Australia.

We do sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to promoters and Advent fans across the country.

Zen Paradox (Steve Law) 100% LIVE

Will be replacing the Advent on the evening alongside all of the original local line-up. Ticket price has been greatly reduced.

Zen Paradox was created by Steve Law early in 1992. During 1991, Steve Law had been writing music for Foil that was inspired by the developing techno sound that was spreading around the world. The material didn't end up working with Foil, so this was the reason for the new solo project. An album was recorded in 1992, but was never released. Many of the tracks from this album have now been released on the Experiments in Emotion L.P. Some of the others were released on the debut Zen Paradox L.P. Eternal Brainwave, and another (Asylum 2000) was released on the 1995 mini L.P. The Voyage. Zen Paradox has been a regular live performer in Melbourne since 1992, and has performed internationally on many occasions since 1994. Over the years Zen Paradox has built up a strong reputation as a totally live techno act, and was a pioneer in this area in Australia.