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The Avalanches

Author: Skruff
Sunday, April 22, 2001
The Avalanches' debut album 'Since I Left You', which sampled over 900 tracks, is attracting as much UK critical acclaim as Daft Punk's recent album did, as the record finally hits British shops this week (April 23rd). While Q suggested the record "finally fulfils sampling's original promise of generating fabulous new sounds from skilfully lifted bits of existing tracks," the Guardian gleefully used it to slam UK clubbers. "There's a hint of the Little Englander about British clubbers, they believe our DJs, clubs and dance producers are the world's finest," they sniffed. "Americans invented house, techno and garage, yet British DJs claim to 'educate' American audiences. In reality, foreign dance producers lead the way." Since I Left You is released on XL Records. though, in Mezz's view is not bad, if seriously overrated. . . (The Avalanches' site)