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The Coup Recall World Trade Center Album Artwork

Author: Skrufff
Thursday, September 20, 2001
Us rappers The Coup have withdrawn the original artwork for their forthcoming album The Party which had depicted the Twin Towers being destroyed. "Any similarity between the events of October 11 and The Coup's intended artwork for the album Party Music is purely coincidental," said band member Boots in a statement issued by his press agents this Thursday. "The original intent of the cover was to use the World Trade Center to symbolise capitalism and was not supposed to be realistic in its depiction, although there is an uncanny similarity."

He also stressed that the original artwork had been created three months ago, with no albums actually being manufactured. An entirely new sleeve is being designed with all copies of the previous artwork being deleted.

"All life is precious and this tremendous tragedy is by no means taken lightly by The Coup," Boots concluded. "This is a very unfortunate coincidence and my condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims".