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UK Garage 2001 - Ibiza Vs Ayia Napa

Author: Skruff
Friday, May 18, 2001
London's best known UK garage organisation Twice As Nice, who host events in both Ibiza and Ayia Napa each summer, claimed this week that the legendary Balearic party island has a better UK garage scene than the Cyprus town. "For a proper holiday I would choose Ibiza," promoter Steve Gordon told 7 magazine. "It's much bigger so you get more space and it's more relaxed. Twice As Nice did better in Ibiza in 2000 than in Ayia Napa. There is a massive demand for garage and clubbers are used to paying between £20-£30 (US$30-45) to get into a venue, but the night runs all the way through until breakfast time. In Napa the clubs all close at 4am."

Meanwhile, Ayia Napa's Club Mythology opens this weekend (May 18th) with Nick Power's Kool club kicking off his night the following Friday (spinning "fresh funky house and Us garage. "It's gonna be another sellout season," Power predicted this week. "But it ain't all UK garage."

Twice As nice also release their third compilation CD this week, 'Twice As Nice Volume 3; Sexy & Stylish," which is a double CD mixed by the Dreem Team's DJ Spoony and Steve 'Smooth' Sutherland respectively. (Dreem Team, Sunday mornings, 10-1pm, Monday's 1-4am)