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Vestax Turntablist Extravaganza

Author: Ben Shepherd
Sunday, August 12, 2001
Vestax is proud to announce the Vestax World Final 2001 Turntablist
Extravaganza. With the final to be held for the first time outside of Japan, this premier DJ battle is poised to become a truly international event showcasing the world's finest turntablists.

Previously held in Tokyo, the event has a history spanning over 2 decades and has launched recognized artists such as DJ KRUSH onto the world stage. In recent years the event has been widely recognised in the turntablist scene with the inclusion of performance DJ's such as Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike,
the X-Ecutioners and the World Famous Beat Junkies on the judging panel.
Several of the events in Tokyo have featured group turntablist performances by the judging panels, and the final this year in Los Angeles promises the same formula.

The 2001 Vestax Extravaganza judges are Melo-D, Rhettmatic, D-styles, Roc Raida, Rob Swift, Revolution, Mixmaster Mike, Shortkut and Q-Bert.

2001 is not only the first time the final has been held outside of Japan, it also is the first time that regional finals are being held around the world.
In Australia and New Zealand, this heralds a new era for local turntablists, who have previously only had the DMC and ITF events on their calendar.
Unlike the DMC and ITF in Australia, entry to the Vestax competition is by invitation only.

The format of the Vestax competition consists of 4 heats and 2 semi-finals, using 3 minute sets by each competitor. This will be followed by a 3 minute final to decide third place, and then culminating in the Aust / NZ final where the remaining 2 turntablists have 5 minutes each to battle for first prize.

The format will be the same in each territory for the regional finals, however in the World Final, 5 minute sets will be required from all competitors.

The winners of the heat in each country / territory will receive return airfares and accommodation costs to the Los Angeles final. (Nov 10th.) Other place-getters will receive selected Vestax Equipment as prizes.

In the Aust / NZ final, the region's best turntablists have been hand selected to compete in the Vestax Extravaganza. Each contestant has previously shown the skills and experience required to meet the high standards of the Vestax competition.

COMPETITORS ARE: Reflux (SA), Selekt (VIC), J-RED (VIC), Samrai (NSW), Stanley (NSW), D-Cypha (NSW), Damage (QLD) and P - Money (NZ), who will battle it out over 3 rounds for the title of Aust / NZ Vestax Champion.

VENUE: Lounge Nightclub, 243 Swanston St, Melbourne (03) 9663 2916

Last years Extravaganza World Final was held at Tokyo's Green Hall. After the awards, the Championship judges rushed the stage for a series of stylistic routines: including A-trak, the Scratch Perverts, X-ecutioners Grand Master Roc Raida and Mr. Sinista, and a smashing set by Shortkut and Mix Master Mike. The final set of the 2001 Tokyo Extravaganza was an improvised set featuring the unbelievable quartet of A-trak, Shortkut, Mix Master Mike, and Mr. Sinista.

In the battle, top-notch competitors exhibited musical skill, craft and transcending technique. Every DJ performed with utmost precision, manipulating vinyl, mixers and turntables with new levels of creativity.
Last year's winner was Plus One from the UK, who joins the elite group of International Extravaganza winners such as Melo-D, Swift Rock and A-Trak.
Indeed, A Trak is the only turntablist in the world who has
held the world title for the DMC, ITF and Vestax competitions.