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Brits Set to Win the World Cup of Drinking

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, May 31, 2002
60% of British men and 40% of women will be drinking alcohol during all England's World Cup matches despite some of the games taking place as early as 7.30am, according to a report in the Guardian. Over in Japan, embassy officials have also issued leaflets about British drinking habits, over fears Japanese might think every single British supporter is a hooligan.

"it is normal for England fans to congregate in pubs, parks and public spaces before matches, singing songs and drinking beer," the leaflets stress (Telegraph).

In more Brits on the piss news, another survey reported this week that, "nearly half of all Britons drink so heavily they damage their relationships, their health, and jobs and careers."

Women also matched men for binge drinking "which leaves them incoherent, guilty about their behaviour and with financial problems," the survey of 2000 adults revealed.

One man not strapped for cash (presumably) is Radio 1's Judge Jules, though in the latest issue of Ministry magazine, he's admitted to once waking up under a bush at the Winter Music Conference after a night of heavy drinking.

"I had a complete memory blank, so I contacted everyone I had gone out that night to check what had happened," Jules confessed.

"I wanted to make sure I hadn't been sodomized."