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Bushwacka Owns Up To Misspent Youth

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, July 27, 2002
Breaks producer guru Bushwacka has admitted that he spent his early teenage years touring Europe with the London School Symphony Orchestra, playing full blown orchestral gigs at such establishment venues as the Barbican and Royal Festival Hall, aged 13.

"It was a magical time of my life," he revealed, "then in August 88 I went to a Rat Pack warehouse party, left there at 11am and came home to an angry Mum."

Despite his mother's disapproval, he ended up joining Rat Pack giving out flyers and 14 years on has just released his debut artist album Night Works (in collaboration with his production partner Layo). Out now on XL Records, the album is a mixed bag of breaks driven eclectic electro music with standout track Sahara (a Detroit style string drenched epic) providing its finest moment.