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Escape Sniffer Dogs By Mobile Phone

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, May 24, 2002
Civil liberties campaigners in Australia have launched a mobile phone service which alerts subscribers to sniffer dog raids. is a privately funded website offering text message alerts to subscribers, when dogs are in their area.

"The use of drug sniffing dogs by the New South Wales Police on the general public is a breach of yours and everyone's privacy," the site says.

"If you travel through an area that is being dogged, sign up for our SMS Dog Alert, and you will receive an SMS text message whenever there is a dog being used in your area. If you cant avoid an area that is dogged, make sure you are prepared!"

The site stress they're not condoning the use of any illegal substances rather warning people about the intrusion of being effectively randomly searched by cops. Sniffer dogs are increasingly used by Sydney police on trains and night club goers could also in be targeted.