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Bad Boy Prince Faces Rugger Bugger BDSM Temptation

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, October 4, 2003
Australian brothels are expecting so many kinky British toffs to attend next week's Rugby Union World Cup that they're hiring extra dominatrixes to cope with demand, a sex industry spokesman said this week (

""If you look at where the game came from, the English public schools, they're very much into correction and all that," said Eros Association co-ordinator Robbie Swan

"Rugby union has a clientele that you just don't get with rugby leagues; the judges, lawyers and big decision makers who are into all this."

Pot-smoking binge drinker Prince Harry, who both enjoys rugby union and hangs out with public school educated toffs, is already in Australia on a trip intended to 'broaden his mind' and could easily find himself targeted by the 30% extra dominatrixes expected to be plying their trade during the event.