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Brit Girls Go Gay

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Sunday, August 24, 2003
New data examining sexual practises in Britain has revealed that three times as many girls admit to having a lesbian experience in 2003 than owned up to gay sex ten years earlier.

Almost ten percent of Brit girls reported having girl-on-girl flings, the Mirror revealed last week, compared to just 2.8% in 1990.

The report coincided with a new survey by sex aid specialists Anne Summers, which discovered that 80% of British women regularly fake orgasm. The statistic prompted the Guardian to dig up a 'foolproof' guide to faking it properly, culled from the Worst Case Scenario Handbook.

"You may say your partner's name over and over," the Handbook advises.

"Many people, in the thralls of ecstasy, will blurt out sentences or requests that are utterly incomprehensible: try this occasionally".

More orgasm faking tips; 'Contract your muscles; for many people, this is an involuntary side effect of an orgasm; the classic examples are toe-curling or fingers clutching the sheets. You might also arch your back, scrunch your facial muscles, or open your mouth wide . . .'