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British Are World Champion Hooligans

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, October 18, 2003
British society is in such disarray that the only pastime the nation now excels at is hooliganism, according to a report in this week's Daily Telegraph.

"Anti-social behaviour is almost the only field in which Britain leads the world and is what the British are principally known (and despised) for, everywhere they go," said Telegraph columnist Theodore Dalrympole.

"On Saturday nights, Britain is Gin Lane with machetes and mobile phones . . . hooliganism is to Britain what fraud is to Nigeria. "

Trendsetter Euan Blair [from 2001]: 'The 16-year-old son of Prime Minister Tony Blair, was arrested after police found him drunk and vomiting in a London Square. The incident comes just days after the elder Blair called for a crackdown on drunken hooligans . . .') Click here for story.