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Could Homophobic Bottom Admirers Be Secretly Gay-

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, May 17, 2003
Straight-acting men interested in fat bottomed girls could be closet queers, according to black cultural expert David Marriott.

"Men want to penetrate women as if they were men, and certainly in Jamaican and ragga culture, their style of dancing would seem to go hand in hand with an intense homophobia," he told the Observer this week.

"That's a very simple narrative: that what people most want, they most disavow."

His comments appeared in a magazin feature examining the rising popularity of bums in Western culture, which has seen a 75% increase in the numbers of heterosexuals practising anal sex between 1990 and 2,000 (from 6% to 11% of the straight population). The article also suggested that few women are physically able to enjoy anal sex, pointing out 'the bald truth of the matter is that men have an anal G spot and women don't.

Eschewing vaginal for anal, therefore, is just another way of saying to women 'your pleasure is secondary, if not irrelevant'."

The article avoided mentioning Britain's increasingly popular bum related vacation pastime of mooning, which led to over 300 Brits being jailed in Greece last year and remains a curiously English cultural phenomenon.

"Which other nationality has had to be warned by its government that baring your bum in public is not an integral part of the foreign holiday experience-" asked The Independent last summer.