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Dambai Dancers (Sudan) to perform at Earthdance

Author: Clea Woods
Tuesday, September 9, 2003
On Saturday September 20, the Dambai Dancers (Sudan) will present a very special drumming, percussion and dance performance as the Closing Ceremony for the 2003 Melbourne Earthdance event.

Witness at least 6 percussionists and traditional dancers as they take to the stage to dance for peace.

DAMBAI DANCING GROUP was established in 1998 by Akon Deng Shok in order to fill the gap that was left out by Southern Sudanese Community. This gap was the lack of a program intended to preserve the culture and traditions of southern Sudanese migrants in Victoria. In order to achieve the preservation and promotion of their culture, Dambai Dancing Group endeavours to forge relationships with Australian cultural groups by participating in cultural festivals and carnivals. Their participation is aimed at showcasing the diversity of our rich cultural experiences in the wider Australian communities.

Dambai Dancing Group through traditional leaders and elders, runs and maintains programs to teach Sudanese children born in Australia to learn to appreciate the preservation of traditional values and cultures. Their repertoire includes the traditional cultural songs that are featured on different occasions within the Dinka community. Akon Deng puts on a solo performance before his entourage of Dinka Warriors invade the stage usually carrying way the audience with them. This has been enhanced through collaboration with most of the southern Sudanese communities in Victoria.

They also try to raise the awareness of the Australian population to the plight of the peoples from Southern Sudan, through stage performances and participation in community activities. Through their involvement in the local communities they help refugees in camps overseas to access facilities for resettling in Australia. Subsequently, they help in resettling within the community the newly arrived refugees in coordination with local migrant resources centres.

During the last 12 months they have been invited to perform on various occasions namely; Refugee Week organised by Hobsons Bay city Council, Launched and participated in Melbourne Cultural Festival, International Arts Festival, African Communities Festival, Darebin Festival, Yarraville Festival, Housing Week organised by Melbourne City Mission, Community Job project Graduation Day ceremonies, Moomba Festival in collaboration with Melbourne City Council, Weerama Festival in conjunction with city of Wyndham, Brunswick Secondary College during Multicultural week, Moreland Secondary College during Multicultural week.

On Saturday September 20, they will present a very special drumming, percussion and dance performance as the Closing Ceremony for the 2003 Melbourne Earthdance event.

Up to 6 Percussionists and a large group of traditional dancers take the stage for Earthdance.

Do Not Miss this Very Special Closing Ceremony as they jam with Mantrix before ending the night with drumming, percussion and dancing.