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Drugs Hysteria Closes Miami Superclub

Author: Jonty Skruff
Sunday, October 12, 2003
Luis Puig, the owner of Miami's newest and glitziest superclubs Space 34, announced this week that he'll be closing down his multi-million pound dollar venue from this weekend (October 11) blaming the RAVE Act and a vicious campaign by local media.

"We would rather shut down our doors than do business where we are not welcomed, the media will have to find a new scapegoat," Mr Puig told local website

"We are tired of being singled out and made an example of simply because we are the largest and most popular club in the Nation (US). We will no longer be the scapegoat for the drug problems plaguing our City, State and society at large," he added.

Space 34 opened their present venue during this year's Winter Music Conference and regularly featured superstar DJs including Danny Tenaglia, Paul Van Dyk and Steve Lawler. However, a massive DEA raid in August led to 11 people being arrested for drugs offences, prompting local newspapers the Miami New Times and The Sun-Sentinel to run fiercely critical articles linking the club with ecstasy.

"Over 3000 music loving, liquor drinking customers walk through the doors of Space34 every weekend but the media chooses only to focus on a handful of partiers that choose drugs as their recreational vehicle," he complained.

"Could this really be the only place in town where drugs are used-"

"Listening to music and dancing is not a crime, our government is using the unconstitutional Amber Bill / Rave Act / Crack House Law to try and shut down night clubs, concerts and public gatherings," said Mr Puig.

(Erick Morillo DJs at Space 34's last ever night, on October 11 [though Nick from Cooljunkie tells Skrufff it may be staying open for one more week for a final set from Danny Tenaglia])