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Duran Duran Championed Money & Decadence

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Sunday, August 31, 2003
Duran Duran are set to release a new DVD of their videos, which, according to the accompanying press release, proves they're the definitive pop band of the 80s.

"These videos encapsulate an era where money, decadence, flamboyant sexual imagery and androgyny were embraced and flaunted," it says.

"No one did this better than Duran Duran."

The double DVD is likely to prove popular with their greatest contemporary fan Errl Alkan from Trash who eulogised the band earlier this year.

Their pin-up status overshadowed the fact that they were a brilliant band," Alkan told the Sunday Times in June.

"They merged that funk/disco thing with the new electronic stuff and it's much darker and more sinister than people think."

Duran Duran- Greatest, is out on October 13.

DVD 1:
1. Planet Earth *
2. Girls On Film (Long uncensored version) *
3. The Chauffeur
4. Hungry Like The Wolf
5. Save A Prayer
6. Rio
7. Is There Something I Should Know-
8. Union Of The Snake *
9. New Moon On Monday (E.P Version) *
10. The Reflex
11. Wild Boys (7" Edit Version) *
12. A View To A Kill

DVD 2:
1. Notorious
2. Skin Trade
3. I Don't Want Your Love
4. All She Wants Is
5. Serious *
6. Burning The Ground
7. Ordinary World
8. Come Undone (Uncensored version) *
9. Electric Barbarella