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German Cannibals Crave Frankfurters

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, December 13, 2003
Controversial Daily Telegraph columnist Barbara Amiel highlighted the nationality of notorious cannibal killer Armin Meiwes this week, quipping 'it would be tempting to say that eating people is a peculiarly German thing to do.'

The outspoken opinion-former also suggested the well-known German passion for frankfurters (hotdog style sausages NOT people from Frankfurt) could be a factor in Herr Meiwes' diabolical deviancy.

"What seems more predominant in Germany is the confusion of crime, sex and the culinary arts," she suggested.

"Several German cannibals have made their victims into sausages for sale."

The Sunday Times also published a disturbing report on international cannibalism this week, which revealed that notorious Chinese leader Chairman Mao actively encouraged the practise as a tactic in his Cultural Revolution.

"In China, a way of degrading intellectuals was to defile the dead by eating them," Manchester Metropolitan anthropology professor Joel Richman told the Times.

"Killing them was not seen as punishment enough."