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How Big Is Yer 12"

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Friday, July 4, 2003

Ever felt inhibited about going into a record store to listen to the latest vinyl releases-

Ever nervously fingered through the shelves of vinyl, afraid of exposing your ignorance about the producer, re-mixer or never-heard-of-indie-Icelandic-label-

There are many stories told: from the 'over-cool, self-important behind-the-counter-dudes' to 'humiliation-in-extreme when needle scratching new stock in-store'. And all you wanted to do was find something new for your set!!


This is the first opportunity for Australians and the Region to see and listen to most recent European, UK, US and global dance releases in one 'store', on one site.

> Available all over Australia with standard 12" vinyl prices at $20 to $22.
> Reduced delivery time on imports
> Secure online payment facilities

With over 300 (and growing) online new releases and sampled sound files from Europe each week - it's a site for ALL, the professional DJs, the bedroom banger or dance enthusiasts alike to indulge in.

By having greater access to the huge reservoir of releases overseas you will be able to make better judgements and more qualified decision-making of what product you identify with and what you wish to purchase. provides an uninhibited environment to peruse and purchase from indie labels to Major artists. And the "in" industry names are well represented here too (from the up-front and out-there UK 'Hard Dance', to the German 'Trance/Techno', or the Dutch underground demons).
For the 'sniffer' and 'bedroom banger' provides comprehensive product descriptions, information on the artists, geographical origins and in-depth information never seen in a city shop.

Scene-punters (sniffers) and avid dance music enthusiasts (bedroom bangers) will find weekly content, articles encompassing genre differentiation; tips on starting up a DJ set; explanations on producing and remixing.

For the part-time party DJ 'pro-creator' and professional DJ 'taste-maker' gives qualified advice on 'latest mixing equipment' or 'getting your composition published'.

And not least of all: For the thirsty suburban and the regional DJ, the drought is now over. Finally, you can spin your set on vinyl - and you don't have to drive x100 kilometres in a car pool, taking days off work to be back from the city store for the Friday night gig. Sounds dramatic- It's the harsh reality!

Why -
Thahub has been created, to give the dance communities more knowledge about products, artists and genres not released or promoted in Australia by Record Companies or Record Shops. Thahub has come one step further in decentralising the 'decision-making' process of music choice, away from the Record Shop and the Record Companies.

So, just how BIG is your 12"-- Don't tell us - we wouldn't want to compare!

You can contact them at:
PO Box 6223 UNSW Sydney NSW 1466
18 Randwick Street Randwick NSW 2031
T: +61 2 9310 0531
F: +61 2 9310 0536